Have you ever wanted to get involved in a social movement but don’t know how? Did you ever feel nervous to attend protests or posting controversial things online? Did you know there are ways to be involved in social movements without feeling uncomfortable? 

Here’s a few ways you can get involved in social movements at your own pace: 

  1. Attend Gatherings – Look for what type of gathering you are attending. In many areas, protests have been peaceful. However, your presence is absolutely necessary if you can manage. We always need people in the streets with us! If you don’t feel comfortable holding a sign and yelling, you can always help pass out water or snacks, collect trash, offer first aid or offer to be a lookout. Some gatherings are more for educational purposes rather than protests. Watch out for gatherings that you would feel comfortable at and that are accessible to you. And if you can always bring a friend! 
  2. Social Media – Social Media is a huge tool that organizations use to spread information about events, politics, funding, etc. Staying up to date on what organizations are needing, while also sharing their posts can be a big help. If we all utilize the networks we have, we have a way of spreading pertinent information across our forums. 
  3. Sign Petitions – There are always a lot of petitions going around that are related to social justice. These petitions help represent the people’s voices to their respective representatives. One way to help speak your mind is to sign petitions for causes that you feel are important!
  4. Donating Supplies – If you can’t or don’t want to stand around at gatherings, you can always donate! Organizations always need water and resources to keep going! Anything like water, snacks, tape, markers, posters, ice and other things are a big help at gatherings. 
  5. Donating Money – If you don’t want to make the trek to the grocery store for supplies, you can always donate money if you can! Organizations like Pro Choice Missouri and Planned Parenthood are always needing donations to keep up their efforts. The Julie organization is truly grassroots and anything we make comes from t-shirts and stickers, so we are always so thankful for your continued support. 
  6. Talking with people – One of the best ways to make a difference in our communities is to talk to people around you. Tell them the stories you read and hear, talk to them about your feelings on the subject and discuss the important issues. Share speeches or quotes from community leaders and activists that are working hard to spread information about their causes. 

Your perseverance through social movements is what is most important. It is easy to get excited about these movements and show up when they start. When the energy dies down is when we still need you to continue to be involved! Politicians are always working on their next moves and decisions they will make in congress, we need to continue to be persistent in the social movements we find important to us. 

Below are some links to some resources where you can begin your search for involvement:





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