Based in Joplin, Missouri, Julie Joplin is a source for entertaining and thought provoking content from a wide variety of voices and points of view. Julie is focused on bringing to light issues that affect women and minorities as well as celebrating the local culture, arts, entertainment, and people that make our area unique.

Our mission at Julie Joplin Magazine is to empower people through education about feminism and progressive social issues in a fun, honest, and provocative way.

We cover issues that affect our local community and our state as well as issues affecting the nation and world.¬†Missouri is a Red State; Joplin specifically is Trump’s America. Julie was started to give a voice to those in small town America who feel they don’t quite fit in and to spread the message that feminists and progressives are here and we are not going to keep quiet. We don’t want to move to the coasts, we want to change our community for the better and have a positive impact where we are.

Julie Joplin Magazine has been around since January 2017. It is comprised of 8 core writers and several contributing writers. It covers a wide variety of feminist topics such as street harassment, reproductive freedom, and what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated field. We also talk about issues pertaining to progressive politics like Democratic Socialism, marijuana legalization, issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting progressive political candidates in our area, and more. Almost everything we cover is focused on Southwest Missouri, showing that these issues are relevant in our little corner of the world. In addition to writing about feminist and progressive issues, we also celebrate the arts and culture in SWMO by writing about small businesses, artists, musicians, and more. We are also starting to host community events to bring like-minded people together — we have hosted an Adult Spelling Bee and a women’s music and arts festival called JulieFest!

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