By Des Bridgeman

Hannah (she/her) is a local artist located in Carthage, Missouri. Her art is inspired by beauty she sees in everyday objects in the world. Hannah said, “Items that seem minuscule or worthless to some may spark something magical within me. Whether it be dead moths beneath the porch light, discarded shoelaces from a lovingly worn pair, or a dimly lit windowsill passed by on an evening walk, it is all beautiful to me.”

Hannah, the owner of The Han Pandle, got her start in 2013 when her beloved art teacher entered some of her 2D and 3D art in a local gallery contest. It was at that contest that Hannah won her first awards, winning a first, third, and honorary mention. This was a defining moment for Hannah, as her eyes were opened to the possibility that her art did not have to be a hobby, but instead so much more. Flash forward to 2020, Hannah got her LLC for her business and is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Pittsburg State University. Hannah will be graduating in the Spring! 

Hannah enjoys and has knowledge in an abundance of mediums. Some of Hannah’s favorite forms of art are crochet, needle point, ceramics, polymer clay, weaving, jewelry making, printmaking, book binding and epoxy resin. She also enjoys working with watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pen and ink and charcoal/conte. To top it all off, Hannah is also working digitally on procreate and Adobe photoshop. Between being skilled in all of these mediums, Hannah also enjoys photoshop and videography. She is a truly well-versed and talented artist. 

Hannah is currently accepting commissions. Her commissions are currently open for 2D works, such as paintings or drawings, as well as epoxy resin pieces. She is also offering digital designs, such as logos and banners. To contact Hannah for a commission, you can reach her via her website or email, all listed below. 

We asked Hannah if she had any advice for new artists just starting out. Hannah said, “With most things, getting started is the hardest part. For me, looking at the world with a new perspective ignites motivation. The easiest way I found was to let my inner child guide me. Once I release that control, a lot of my best work comes forth.” Another great tip Hannah mentioned was the importance of networking, saying, “Networking is one thing I wish I would have known starting off. Opportunities are out there. You just have to know how to open the door. I think it is important to surround yourself with a community such as friends, family or other locals that are willing to help get your name out there.”

Hannah has a variety of places you can find her work. Her instagram is @TheHanPandle_ and her Facebook page is TheHanPandle. You can visit her website, to purchase her already available products or contact her about a commission. Additionally, Hannah can be reached by email for commission inquiries at Hannah will be set up as a vendor at JOMO Pride, this upcoming Saturday the 28th. Make sure to stop by and check out her booth. 

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