“I just binge watched ‘Seven Worlds One Planet’ for like six months,” said Alina Black, a local artist who recently put her artwork out to the public. “I like nature and nature documentaries. I started getting into plants after my ex-best-friend and I split ways. That’s when I just focused on my art itself, as well as my issues.” Alina said she always tries to find a way to put nature in her artwork. 

Although into nature now, Alina has been artwork since she could hold a pencil. “My adoptive parents told me that my biological dad was an artist and that it was in my blood,” she said. “They’ve always encouraged me to not give up and push my talents further.” 

Family is important to Alina, she sometimes gives up the urge to create to help take care of her brother and mother. She tries to create at least 5 days out of the week, some days getting more time than others. “Some days I won’t get any time at all and it does have an effect on my mental health,” she said. 

Creating art like “the mushroom people” Alina’s peers have told them that it helps them look at themselves more beautifully.  She mentioned, “Not everything is sexual. The bodies aren’t being sexualized, they are beautiful. Our bodies are art.”

Art has always been important in Alina’s life. She, like many young artists, got in trouble in school for drawing. “Coming from a student’s point of view, I was always listening but I always needed to move my hand and do something as well,” she said. “A lot of teachers don’t think that the kids are listening when they are doodling or drawing or they think that has their main attention. I just needed to stay busy busy.” 

Alina would even incorporate artwork into her jobs when she could. When she worked as a nurses assistant, she would have kids choose drawings for rewards when they got to the next levels of their treatment. Her goal is to one day sell her art at Crystal Bridges. “I go there like four times a year,” she said.

Alina’s advice for young artists? She said, “I learned that almost everything I learned in high school was crap. Just make it through it. Don’t ever give up on art. It’s something that will help you in more ways than you know. There are so many job opportunities in art that we don’t even know. Just always keep pushing forward and to find the light in every dark situation.” 

Alina has astigmatism and has always worried it would show within her art, making her doubt her creations. She even had to wait months for a new pair of glasses after her ex broke her only pair.

While currently working on some small projects, Alina encourages everyone to always support local artists. “I always share, comment, like and promote others when I can.”  Her an another artist are trying to collaborate with others to “pass down” a canvas amongst other artists. “It will help us get to know each other and each others unique styles,” Alina said excitedly.

Check out Alina’s artwork on her social media pages below!



Photos provided by Alina Black

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