By Jamie Lindsey

Phyllis York is a local woman and writer whose goal is to help empower women. As someone who has always sought creativity to get out of a troubled mind, Phyllis wants to share the creative spark with others and empower women through their creations. 

Along with several other women, Phyllis is hosting a Women’s retreat called “Wild Women of Wonder Creative Empowerment Retreat” October 15-17, 2021 at the Mountain Creek Campground in the Ozarks. 

This retreat is not only meant for a way for women to gain knowledge and information, but to feel empowered and enlightened. “I want them to leave feeling like their creativity was set on fire,” says Phyllis. 

What started as a Women’s National Park Takeover event is now going to be an annual retreat for women from all over. Phyllis talked about different events such as “yoga, meditation and panels.” She also mentioned having the potential for an enlightening experience with your shoes off in 48 degree spring water. 

The panels cover topics from empowerment to creativity, including freewriting, paint-pouring, turning your hobbies into money, creative expression and post-traumatic wisdom. 

Phyllis is an author herself and has used her creativity to push herself to publish her own books. “I have four books published, three on a vampire, Mary, Queen of Scotts. Because everyone has to have at least one vampire books,” she says, laughing. 

“The other one is a coming of age tale of a girl who is looking for her mother who disappeared 17 years before on Route 66. She traveled down old Route 66 to all the places her mother had been to try to find her.”  

Phyllis discussed how her inspiration from this book came from her own experience of trying to find her mother after 20 years. After having the courage to put her father away in prison, her mother took off and she didn’t speak to her for over two decades. Using her creative outlet, the idea for the book came up on a cross country trip. “My husband and I were driving down the old Route 66 and we were just pitching this idea for this book back and forth about this girl who was looking for her mother and receiving letters from her 17 years later.” This book is called “My Mother Road.”

You can find Phyllis’ selection of books on her website here:

For those that are also wanting to spark their creativity, the state park has different levels of cabins, some hotels and some camping spots. “No matter their income,” Phyllis said, “they can do it. We know people coming up with the money is hard to do, so we have something where someone can sponsor another, or you can buy a ticket and make your own meals! We won’t let anyone go hungry!” 

With certain ticket purchases, meals are included and they will also have some vegetarian options. 

For more information about the Wild Women of Wonder Creative Empowerment Retreat, please visit the Facebook event here:

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