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We are always working to change the narrative. At the beginning of June, a local news organization promoted a racist article from a Pastor in Ohio. Immediately after, a group of local women worked together to get that message taken down. 

Earlier this month, The Carthage Press, a news source in Carthage, Mo. posted an article titled “Ask Pastor Adrienne: Dreamcatchers- Harmless icons or the Devils Décor?” The article was an ongoing opinion piece where white female pastor, Adrienne Greene from Ohio, would answer submitted questions. For those who haven’t read the article, Pastor Greene’s response stated that “the dreamcatcher is deeply rooted in witchcraft,” and “Owners of dreamcatchers are signaling demonic spirits.” She shortly described how dreamcatchers were used by witch doctors and handed out by healers at Columbine. The pastor goes on to end the article stating the dreamcatcher is a “beacon” for demons looking for hosts and should be burned according to scripture about burning false idols.  

This article was redacted in a matter of days and The Carthage Press released a statement on their Facebook page that read “Thank you all for the comments and phone calls about the National Syndicated Column Ask Pastor Adrienne. We apologize for the content of the column and would like to let the community know it does not represent the views of the Carthage New Online. We are in agreement to run National Syndicated Columnist and the contents of the columns are strictly the opinion of those that provide them. These columns will no longer be published by us. Pastor Adrienne can be reached by email at info@adriennewgreene.com

Over a hundred women from the area commented on the original post before it was deleted. The backlash touched on everything from colonization to the racist tone of the article against indigenous peoples. The apology fell a little flat as it pushed all the blame onto the pastor. The Carthage Press chose to give Pastor Greene a platform for her bigotry and racism. They should take credit for providing that platform for racism against natives, who in 2021 still continue to fight so many battles for lands and missing women and children.  

It was powerful as we got to witness women stand up to the press and tell them that they were wrongfully giving racism a platform. Women of all colors, voiced their distaste for an opinion piece that painted native culture as savage and demonic. There is power in what women can do when they come together for a common cause and stand in solidarity with other women. We hope that in the future if you see racism, bigotry, sexism, transphobia, homophobia and blatant misogyny that you call your sisters to action, because together you can move mountains. You are already changing the narrative. 

Lastly, There is no true apology in words, we, WOMEN will be watching The Carthage Press for changed behavior. 

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