Photo by Essence Renee

Say Hi to Essence!

Essence Renee is our fourth featured local OnlyFans creator! Essence decided to start her OnlyFans because of personal reasons. She, like many of us, had experienced relationships in her life that had had negative impacts on her self-worth and image. She said, “The relationship I was in at the time was not helpful. Things were happening that targeted my self-esteem, and made it worse.” 

When women get out of toxic and abusive relationships, it is incredibly powerful. Essence had that experience and shared, “One day, I decided it was time for me to take all the power back I had given to all these people and start loving myself. Pour into myself the way I poured into others.” 

After leaving her relationship and getting back to herself, even with her self-esteem issues, she started an OnlyFans. 

“I absolutely feel empowered by creating content. It allows me to look at my body and see the true beauty in it,” she added. “It makes me feel like I’ve gotten my power back and gives me a sense of self-worth. Like, if you want my pictures so bad like you say you do, you have to pay for them.” 

This seems to be a common answer amongst OnlyFans creators. Nudes used to be so scandalous and women were shamed when these photos of them were sent out to classmates, coworkers or friends. Now, women are taking that role back and no longer feeling ashamed for showing their bodies. 

“OnlyFans even watermarks your photos with the link to your account,” Essence shared. “That way, if someone wants to show someone a photo of you, they are promoting your link at the same time.”

Photos by Essence Renee

Unfortunately, OnlyFans doesn’t always come with the best audience members. Essence said, “I have had many unwanted encounters of sexual content being sent to me unwillingly. I’ve had people try to scam me. I have had people continuously ask me if I would meet up with them and have intercourse and I have had people insist I give them content for free.”

It seems as if the harassment women get outside OnlyFans isn’t exclusive from the website. “I’m not afraid to stick up for myself,” Essence said. “You do not have to put up with anything you do not want to. Do not give out any personal information. The block button is your best friend.” 

As always, it’s important to stay safe online. Report any harassment to the website creators and the police. 

If you’re interested in seeing more content by Essence, follow her link here:

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