Katie Klay is our third creator featured in our OnlyFans series. Katie created her OF account to break the stigma behind women showing their nude bodies. As a boudoir photographer, she sees bodies as beautiful and created her own space to post photos while also making some money. 

“Sex is normal and if people want to pay for it, why not let them?” she said. 

Katie posts about three to four photos and a teaser video every week. Because her weeks vary, she can make between $20-$300. Pictures of her in lingerie are always free, but to get more, you must pay more. 

Katie said, “OnlyFans has been booming during the COVID quarantine and it is an intense market. This takes work, and should be viewed as a business. Those of us who branch into it and attempt it deserve a round of applause.” 

OnlyFans is a risky business, she discusses, and people can easily lose their normal day jobs. There has always been a stigma with women showing their nude bodies to the public, while behind the scenes women are being exploited for the same reason. 

Sites like PornHub have recently gotten a lot of hate because sex workers outed the company and the bad working conditions. Women have been known to be forced into situations they weren’t comfortable with but stayed, knowing they needed the money and needed to keep their jobs. 

“When you go to PornHub you are immediately met with porn that is totally meant for men. All fake pleasure from women, fake bodies, and constant criticism,” Katie says. “Men expect nakedness to be for them and not for us. With my page I have complete control. You can look at me in my workout clothes or my lingerie, but if you want to see more, you get to pay for it.” 

Katie says that our bodies are natural and beautiful and OF is an outlet that puts the power of porn into women’s hands. “No more porn just made for men where the women pretend to be pleasured. I control my content and my own perception I give out to myself,” she says. 

OnlyFans created a space for her to feel sexy and in charge and without any sort of shame from society about what our bodies should look like. 

All photos by Katie.

If you want to find Katie on OnlyFans, follow her link here: 


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