Intimate Portraiture by Stormyraye

By Jamie Lindsey

Remember when the sudden appearance of a friend’s nude on your phone was such a scandal? Girls and women were called “sluts” and “whores” because twenty-plus people now owned a photo of them naked.

Today OnlyFans has given women that power back by changing the stigma of “nudes” by turning it into profit. 

“Men hate on women because they are capitalizing off of a market that they created by begging for nudes,” says Daphne, a local OnlyFans creator. “Guys even defend sending unsolicited d**k pictures because I have an OnlyFans. Just because I put it out there doesn’t mean I always want to see it from other people.” 

Daphne, also known as Baby J, started her OnlyFans account after leaving her toxic relationship. “He was super against sex work. So, as soon as we broke up, I was like ‘F**k you’. I’m going to be confident with myself and I’m going to make money off of it.” Even though he was super pissed when he found out. 

When he later told her that he was struggling financially, she told him to start an OnlyFans. His response? “I respect myself more than that.” 

Let’s be clear for all the men that think showing your body is “disrespecting” yourself. It’s not. Wanna know why? Because it’s exactly what the woman wants to do, and that is the biggest respect she can give herself. Even if you disagree. This usually comes from the same guys who get off to online porn (including Daphne’s ex). See the irony?

For Daphne, it’s more than getting back at her ex. It’s something that makes her feel more confident. “It wasn’t something that women were able to do up until now, even a few years ago. And now girls are doing it and they are making themselves proud.” 

Women are taking their power back. We take nudes, we love our bodies and sexuality. 

Even though Daphne works two other jobs, OnlyFans is still her third job and creates content as often as she gets the chance. One of her best months she earned $800, but a lot of times it’s less than that. Women claim that to really supplement an income, you have to spend as much time on OF as a full time job.

Although OF is a safer way to go about sex work, always be aware of who you interact with online. “I’ve read stories of women being stalked by people from their OnlyFans,” Daphne mentioned.

Daphne also wanted to add, to the men haters out there, “Men need to realize they can make money on OnlyFans, too. Get in there and make some money.” 

If you’re interested in subscribing to Daphne’s OF account, her link is below. If you are interested in starting an OF account as a creator, her referral link is below.

Daphne’s OF link:

OF Referral Link:

Photos by Intimate Portraiture by Stormyraye

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