Jamie Lindsey – Chief Editor

“My name is Jamie Lindsey, 30 and the Chief Editor at Julie Joplin Media. I have two reasons behind the motivation for wanting to start Julie Joplin back up: I wanted to highlight the amazing women in the Joplin area and I want to empower women by sharing their stories and providing resources. I pursued a bachelor’s in Speech and Theatre Education and a minor in Public Relations. I have been a Speech & Debate teacher in the area for 7 years, and I am also a leading member of Joplin for Justice. I am excited to create for Julie Joplin and to provide a platform where women feel confident and empowered.”

Jaclyn Kidd – Creative Content

Jaclyn Kidd

“My name is Jaclyn Kidd and I am a graphic designer/photographer from Neosho, MO. My personal work focuses on designing for social change which aims to educate an audience while advocating for a cause. While pursuing my BFA in Graphic Design at Missouri Southern State University, I completed an Honors Senior Thesis that focused on sexual assault awareness through an art installation. I hope to continue supporting assault survivors through my contributing work with Julie. “

Latayzia Harris – Writing; Social Media; Event Planning

Latayzia Harris

“My name is Latayzia Harris and I am a 23 year old Graduate Student at Pitt State. I have a BA in History and a Minor in Geography. I am currently finishing up my thesis on British imperialism in the wake of the Great War to earn an MA in History. You can catch me watching movies or spouting progressive ideals at the masses. I want to bring historical context and my overall passion for bringing the US into the progressive era.”

Katie Reynolds – Writing; Social Media

Katie Reynolds

“My name is Katie Reynolds. I am a wife and mother of 2. My family and I have traveled to many places around the world but the Ozarks is and always will be our home. I’ve enjoyed writing my entire life, and am grateful for the opportunity to write for Julie. I am a woman who has persevered through struggle, and strives for change…Especially the change needed in Southwest Missouri. I’m excited and ready to give all of the past present and future Julie Joplins a voice.”

Kacey Anne – Creative Content; Event Planning

“Hi!! My name is Kacey Anne! I am 21 years old  and I am from Joplin mo. I love writing, theatre acting, singing and performing! I have a high school diploma that I earned at home through homeschool! I am engaged and we have two cats that we love!! I hope to bring lots of fun content ideas and the perspective of someone who is in the lgbtqia+ community. I also hope to be able to help spread light, positivity and love!!”

Sally Stevens – Writing; Creative Content; Event Planning

“Hey ya’ll, my name is Sally; I am 46 and originally from Seneca. I left home in 1994, living in Boston, New Orleans, and New York City, before returning to the 4 states in 2015. I have a BA in sociology with an emphasis on gender and cultural studies from Hunter College in New York. I am in the process of writing the “great American novel” and opening a salontique/event space. In my free time, I enjoy binging on podcasts, lying in sunbeams with one of my five kitties, talking about social justice issues to anyone who listens, and exploring all the wonders the world has to offer. I desire to help Julie by bringing to light issues facing the individuals in our community and, more importantly, finding ways to help solve these problems and make this area a beautiful, diverse, safe place for all.”

Kourtney McVey – Writing; Creative Content; Social Media

“Hello!! I’m Kourtney. I am 31 years old and I’m originally from Webb City. I’m married to my best friend and we have 3 children. I work at a library, which helps my love of reading! When I’m not working or at a practice of some sort, I love creating! I am an avid baker, cookie decorator, and painter. I love creating things that bring people joy, no matter what the medium is! I am looking forward to helping Julie grow and watching myself grow as well!”

Josiah Horn – Writing; Creative Content; Event Planning

“I’m Josiah, I’m a 22 year old musician from Joplin. I was homeschooled my whole life and I passed my HiSET with flying colors back in ‘16.  I’m a huge nerd that loves all kinds of music and anything to do with Star Wars. I’m involved with Julie because I want to continue to grow into a feminist ally, and I want to do my best to be a good example for all men to help fight both conscious and unconscious sexism in my community.”

Victoria Gaytan – Creative Content

“My name is Victoria Gaytan. I graduated from Southern May 2020 with a BFA in printmaking, and was a student journalist and editor at Missouri Southern’s newspaper The Chart.
I am a photographer and my visual emphasis is minimalism/formalism, but I also have experience in event photography and portraits. I hope to find a way to contribute to Julie and watch it grow!”

Jess Greninger – Creative Content

“Hey!! I’m Jess. I’m 25 & alive. You will most likely always catch me with my camera in one hand and a coffee in the other. I love music & talking about subjects that matter. I’m so excited to see Julie blossom & be apart of this talented team. 💖

Kelsey Phipps – Writing; Creative Content

“Hello! My name is Kelsey, I’m 25 years old and I live in Joplin with my partner and our cat, Elton John 😸 I studied child and family studies at Baylor University, have been writing for many years, and now work as a library assistant. I hope to empower local women and work with Julie to educate people so that our community can grow to be a place where women are safe, respected, and equally represented.”

Vanessa West – Writing

“My name is Vanessa West and I am 41 years awesome. I’m from Seneca, MO, and live outside Joplin with my husband, dogs, and a gecko. I have a bachelor’s in psychology and recently finished a master’s degree in English. I’m a huge music fan, book nerd,  record collector, and adequate embroider. I hope my work with Julie brings awareness to women’s issues in the four state area and brings awareness to the amazing, inspiring women who live here.”

Kelsey Hale-Eden – Writing; Creative Content; Social Media

“Hello! My name is Kelsey Hale-Eden. I am 26 and I care way too much about Pop Culture. I graduated from Missouri Southern State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts (focus on Theatre). I work just to support my three Cats. But, in my free time, I enjoy Creative Writing, Binging TV Series, Sleeping, and Concerts. I look forward to helping Julie Joplin Media grow into a Super Power.”

Emily Henson – Writing; Event Planning; Social Media

“Hey my name’s Emily! I’m 22, queer, and a Joplin local. I recently moved home from Washington, and the timing couldn’t have been better with Julie. Women are everything, and I’m excited to get a chance to uplift that. 🌞

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